Our mission is to create services that people wish to have and We Work to enrich our life.

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A choice in Work Location

We want to be able to provide you a choice of where to work as a merit to work for Pocketle. We aim to create an work environment where you can earn the city-class high income while working in your hometown or your favorite place, spend time with your beloved ones, and cherish yourself. In addition, , we are creating a evaluation system for maintaining a high motivation for all employees.

The Tenets of Our Global Culture

We appreciate everyone who has different background and skill sets and we have team that has been a great support to Pocketle from allover the world though ot's been only 6 months since we have launched. We treat employees, freelancers and vendors all the same as they are a part of team to create something great to serve customers through Pocketle's services.

No Factionalism in Our Worplace

We are asking politely not to work with us if you like factionalism or contest for power. We are committed to creating an environment that protects the feelings of those who want to do a great job, immersing themselves for their favorite work, respecting and cherishing their colleagues.


We set a high bar in determining the ideal candidates for Pocketle. We look for people who think and work like founders. Do you have relentless curiosity, passion, work ethic, and scrappiness? Pocketle does not hire someone based on gender, age, race or ethnicity because we do based on the their potentials and skill set. Each team member actively suggest and share their ideas to create a new Pocketle product that people wish to have.
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Company Wide
Company Wide
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Our Benefits

We want to be an example of what a modern global workplace should be. It is important that everyone involved with the pocketle is not treated mechanically, but humanely - focusing on their happiness with them. It is about cultivating a culture that enables you to be personally and professionally successful by understanding and supporting the different aspects and life stages of your employees' lives.


Pocketle was launched by supports of many people even before its establishment. We appreciate the dedicated support of all those involved in the pocketle and We feel that we have a responsibility to help them to be a little happier. Pocketle also encourage employees to study at higher institutions, work at gyms and lessons, and have hobbies.


We are grateful to the team members who support Pocketle, and we are committed to building a support system for helping our team better. We are also preparing a reward program so that they can sense a feeling of fulfillment and fairness at work and want to work forever for Pocketle.


We support our employees through all aspects of their lives, regardless of celebration or difficult time. If your family or loved ones need you, you can take a vacation with worrying or being insecure, and give the individual and his / her loved ones a top priority, supporting you to do the best for your needs.
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In Pocket, companies or vendors that wish to work together or collaborate with us, and those that support us, are considered to be as important as our employees. Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions for collaboration.