Our Story

Pocketle was founded in 2019.
And Here is how the story began.


The 'aha' moment

It has all started from Sayuri's homework at Harvard Extention School. There is a lot of information in the world, but we can't find the information that people look for as intended and Sayuri learned that it is the same in the ecommerce world.

Sayuri started studying algorithms to find a solution, and suddenly the aha moment came to her. After consulting with support organizations, the brush-up for the Pocket's business plan has begun.


Dream Big and Go After It!

Sayuri met key persons in business as it was all planned by Gods. She wondered whether the brushed-up-idea could work in business world. Sayuri found "Kyoto female entrepreneurship award" on internet and sent out the application form. Later Sayuri received a notification from Kyoto Prefecture that She was certified as a Kyoto Women Entrepreneur Support Project (Entrepreneur) in 2018-2019.

JETRO, Kyoto Sangyo 21, Astem, Kyoto City, and Kyoto Prefecture have offered to support Pocketle. In February 2019, Pocketle.Inc won the very special prize of the Kyoto Prefecture Women Entrepreneurs Award - the Research Park Award.


Coming Soon